My given name is Sunny, I am also known as "White Eagle". I have been blessed many times over, for my life is a continual walk of spiritual truths, enlightenment, and constant direction and guidance from the divine presents of my higher-self (Great Spirit). I am of Cherokee decent and I carry the powerful blood of my European ancestors.

There is a very close connection between native and European bloodlines. My Blood runs between both. I am a Seer, and Medicine Woman. My training started before my life on this Earth plane. I have experienced multiple deaths and rebirths , advancing me continually on all levels - Spiritual, Emotional, Mental as well as the Physical. I have walked the Blue Road of Spirit. I would not be able to speak of what I know of the Spirit, had I not been there. We are all spiritual beings living on the Earth to learn through experiences.

At a very early age my Spirit Guides were speaking with me. I have seven of them that are my constant companions. They have always been there. My Spirit Guides know when to help, and assist me when I need it. They will, always be there! I was seventeen years old when I crossed over to the Blue Road (Spirit World). The experience changed my life, to say the least. I had always been intuitive and psychic, and now all of my senses were magnified one hundred times greater! I could see everything - and hear all the people - there feelings, their love and laughter, their fears and pain, and their tears. I was overwhelmed, but my guides where right there every step of the way, helping me come to terms with all of the exalted, amplified energy.

As a Medicine Woman, Animal Medicine is very special to me as well as all of nature: the trees, insects, flowers... All medicine of nature is sacred to me and the purest and most natural form of healing there is. Without the natural elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, we would not and could not exist. So how important is it that we protect them and are aware of them, and know all we can about them? It is simply knowing ourselves! That, my friend, is why we are all here! We are all Spiritual Beings living earthly experiences. It is vitally important that we help each other embrace that truth and, more importantly, to live that truth.

Spiritual Counseling and Guidance by Sunny Shelley All of my abilities, all that I represent, all I am made of, is all the divine Great Spirit. I know all I know because of my connection with my Higher Self. This gift comes with great responsibility. I take full accountability for all of my actions at all times. I rely completely on the guidance and direction of Creator. I believe that I have been given a wonderful gift - sight - to use to help people in all walks of life, and to show them how to come into conscious connection with their Higher Self - to learn how to love yourself and others unconditionally and connect with all of your abilities and gifts. We all possess them.

Because I can do something does not mean you can't. We are all divine children of Love and Light, and we all have the ability to change and create our lives so they are filled with love for ourselves and others, happiness and peace, joy and oneness with our divine Higher Self. It is your birthright, take it in and embrace this power within you. This is the Medicine of the White Eagle . And, I walk only in the Spirit of that Light - The Light of the Eagle and the Phoenix Rising.


Always, my friend, may Love & Light abide around you,


Dr.Sunny W. Eagle



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